About us - Orange Crown Beer

Familie van Kruijssen Orange Crown Beer
Orange Crown is a beer brand founded by the van Kruijssen family, created in addition to their day-to-day jobs. Each family member pratices a different profession, which establisched the concept of naming the beer after each line of work.

Because of the story that we create these beers besides our own jobs the names of the beers represent one of our proffesions.

Our Mission
By having a family business we give each other insight in our individual disciplines, highlight each other’s strengths, knowledge and experience. This to create a growing company with appealing products.

Our Vision
Our family business has the aim of connecting business and private life. On a business level we exchange knowledge and experience, which can be passed on through generations.
We are getting to know each other on another level, where we create and share beautiful memories whilst enjoying a lovely beer.

Why Orange Crown Beer?
Orange represents the Netherlands, the country where we were born, together with all the cultural aspects that come with it. This feels like home.
The crown stands for quality, which we all want to guarantee and reflect towards our products and company. In addition, the crown stands for family solidarity: our beer is a beer that wears a crown.